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RV Consignment

RV Consignment

We have been in the RV consignment business for almost 22 years now. We are the largest RV consignment dealership on the east coast, and have a very high turn over of units.

Based on the busy Route 40, approximately 20 minutes from the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and 35 minutes south of Philadelphia, our RV consignment lot is very easy to find and attracts many visitors.

We are open all year around making sales for our customers, while our website gets over 3,000 hits per week. Your RV consignment will be well seen on our lot.

One of the chief benefits to anyone consigning with us is that it is free to do so. We do not charge monthly rentals, we do not charge lot fees. This means the onus is on us to sell your unit as without any sales we cannot trade. Therefore, we push your units for successful sales.

Finance & Warranties

We can offer buyers a multitude of reasons of buying through us. We can offer our buyers finance, we can offer them warranties. This makes it much easier for us to sell units, especially on the higher end units. We use a variety of banks and credit unions, giving us plenty of options for buyers.

We also check the units before sales are complete to ensure our buyers are completely satisfied.

And of course, we are open 6 days a week, 52 weeks a year waiting for buyers to come in so you don’t have to.

Motor Vehicle Work & Payoffs

We also do all motor vehicle work and payoff any loan you may have once we get the sale for you. This means you do not have to worry about dealing with bureaucracy, we do that for you.

Please contact us on 856 358 2121 to discuss your RV consignment needs, and let us do the selling for you.