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RV Consignment

RV Consignment

We have been in the RV consignment business for over 20 years now and there is no one better at it than we are! We are the largest RV consignment dealership on the east coast, and have a very high turn over rate on all types of RVs.

We are located on busy Route 40, approximately 20 minutes from the Delaware Memorial Bridge, and 35 minutes south of Philadelphia, which gives your RV the location it needs to be seen by potential buyers.

We are open all year around making sales for our customers, and our website gets over 3,000 individual/unique hits per week. If someone is looking for an RV like yours, there’s no better place for it to be seen.

One of the chief benefits to anyone consigning with us is that it is 100% free to do so. No gimmicks, no underlying or hidden fees. We do not charge monthly storage fees, advertising fees, consignment fees, etc. We do not make a dime unless your unit sells, and you can pick it up anytime after 30 days from when it was left with us! Therefore, your RV is here to be sold, not procure unnecessary fees. We don’t take any RV for consignment, so if yours is accepted onto our lot, we have the utmost confidence that it will be sold within those 30 days!

Finance & Warranties

We can offer buyers a multitude of ways to purchase your RV. We offer our buyers finance, and can also offer them warranties. Without financing, your unit will be strictly marketed to cash buyers which leaves out a huge chunk of the client base. We have a variety of financial institutions on board with us, which gives plenty of options for any type of buyer.

Our warranty company offers 1-5 year warranties on your RV with complete coverage down to wear and tear. Selling a used RV can be difficult without any sort of guarantees, and with coverage for up to 5 years, potential buyers can purchase your RV with the peace of mind needed when making a pre-owned purchase.

Motor Vehicle Work & Payoffs

We also do all motor vehicle work required for your sale for you. Once you drop your unit off with us, the only thing remaining is to pick up a check! Any liens you have with the RV will be satisfied for you so you aren’t left with any paperwork or hassle of dealing with the bank. This means you do not have to worry about dealing with any form bureaucracy, we do that for you, and we do it in a timely fashion to ensure a smooth transaction!

Please contact us on 856 358 2121 to discuss your RV consignment needs, and let us do the selling for you at NO COST to you!